September 2018

Dear Friends,

We are so thrilled you have found the Center School – a warm and engaging place where children are taken seriously.

Most days, a glimpse into Center School would reveal:

At least one child marching into school, dwarfed by an enormous project she is proudly maneuvering to her classroom. Handfuls of students purposefully roaming the halls with clipboards in hand, recording observations of their environment or surveying their learning community. Lively debates on real issues resounding from the lunch tables. Teachers spilling over into each other’s classrooms to share ideas, make supportive comments, or invite another class to come visit. You will see that the Center School community fosters a balance of social consciousness and self-awareness in an environment where children are encouraged to be independent and resourceful.

Rigorous academic projects, deep critical thinking, rugged outdoor pursuits, a commitment to creativity and curiosity, and an expectation of openness to new ideas are the mainstays of a Center School education.

The Center School encourages us all to investigate and embrace how we learn best as individuals, and how we might collectively contribute to making our world a better place.

We invite you to take a closer look!

Please contact us to schedule a visit.

Very truly yours,

Isabel “Charlie” Spencer

Head of School

[email protected]

Listen to our Head talking about the Center School

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