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Dollars for Dominica

Dollars for Dominica

Donations may be made in the school office or online via Paypal.

Dollars for Dominica: What is it and why Dominica?

The Justice, Equity and Diversity Committee (JED) of the school has launched a Dollars for Dominica fundraiser. We are encouraging the Center School extended community to contribute as much as possible to assist this island nation in rebuilding after the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria.  The Commonwealth of Dominica was one of the islands to be hit by Hurricane Maria on September 18, 2017. Many islands were devastated in these hurricanes from Puerto Rico to St. Martin, Dominica is unique because, as a sovereign nation,  it does not stand to receive help from any other country.

How does Dollars for Dominica Work?

The fundraiser is a series of ever-impressive “stunts” that the staff are willing to endure/perform as more and more money is raised.  The stunts range from relatively low-risk (middle school teacher wearing a fancy, puffy wedding dress to school all day) to more impressive. For example, our Primes teacher, Brian will shave his beard for the first time in 30 years and our 8th grade teacher, Dave, will dye his beard rainbow! There are 20+ different staff stunts. You can see a list of them in the brick building alongside the Dollars for Dominca thermometer. This fundraiser culminates on Thursday, November 16th with an All School Camp Fire from 6:00-7:30. Join us on the playground for songs, campfire and S’mores. And, if we’ve raised $5000 for Dominca by November 16th, as you and your kids leave, at 7:30, you can tuck the teachers into their sleeping bags. Because, our “all staff” stunt is willingness to sleep on the ground, in mid November, if the school community raises $5000. Plus, for extra cuteness,  when your kids come to school the next morning, they will get to wake their teachers up!

Where will the money go?

Money raised in this fundraiser will be funneled through the Caribbean Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) directly to the people of Dominica. Dr. Paula Abraham, a Dominican, is the founder and executive director of the CBCF. For years her organization has been sending medical supplies to medical programs and clinics throughout Dominica. After the hurricane she started a fund specifically for hurricane relief and is using monies raised to purchase medical supplies for the country’s main hospital and community clinics. The Center School chose to support CBCF and Dr. Abraham’s efforts over others because we wanted to know that every dollar raised would go directly into Dominican hands to assist the rebuilding and relief effort.

How do we raise this money?

We are encouraging kids to think about who they might approach for donations: coaches, violin teachers, karate instructors, extended family, family friends, neighbors, even strangers. Henry Spencer raised more than $100 by approaching people in Turners Falls over the weekend, to talk about Dominca and this effort. Kids might want to write an email or postal letter to send to a handful of adults who have been touchstones in their lives.

Thanks for helping JED and the school walk our talk.